Challenges with access to data in health care: Coffee meeting with industry

Webinar. Hosted from Oslo.

September 08, 2023

09:00 - 10:00

The Nordic Proof partners invite stakeholders to dialogue addressing challenges surrounding data sharing in healthcare.

The Nordic healthcare sector faces several challenges when it comes to data sharing for innovation and industry development purposes. Privacy concerns and strict data protection regulations pose challenges since EU have a strong commitment to safeguarding individuals’ privacy and ensuring the secure handling of personal data. While these regulations are essential for maintaining trust and protecting patient rights, they can become barriers for development of data driven solutions.

We recognize that the successful resolution of these challenges necessitates collective efforts. Thus, we would like to invite professionals in the healthcare sector and industry to a coffee meeting to address the barriers in data sharing. Together, we can foster an environment that facilitates knowledge exchange and enhance Nordic collaboration.

Program (CET): 

09:00 Welcome w/Bent Håkon Lauritzen, coordinator Nordic Proof

09:05 “For efficient and sustainable use of health data through the integration of the DIGITAL-projects in Sweden” w/Natalia Kotova, External Relations Officer at SciLifeLab and Rikard Lövström, Medical expert at Karolinska Institutet & Swelife

09:15 “How to improve clinical data collaboration” – case Helsinki University Hospital w/Pekka Kahri, Technology Officer

09:25 “Access to clinical data” Oslo University Hospital: The Intervention Centre w/Egidijus Pelanis, Special Advisor – Method Development and Industry Collaboration

Companies sharing their experiences and challenges with access to clinical data:

09:35 Shaarpec AB w/Thomas Davidsson, CEO

09:40 Kiwok Nordic AB w/Anders Östlund, Director

09:45 Bulbitech AS w/Bård Dalhøi, CEO

09:50 Open dialogue with industry / Q&A

10:00 Conclusion. Thank you for the meeting w/Bent Håkon Lauritzen, coordinator Nordic Proof

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