Nordic Proof is a network of professional and efficient public health care test sites that actively contributes to business development in the Nordic healthcare sector.

Nordic Proof is a network of partners from renowned health institutions and testing hubs in healthcare in the Nordics. Our partners are leading facilities in the testing landscape and can test your idea, product or solution with quality and expertise. Together the partners provide testing in all phases of development including structured documentation.

The Nordic Proof network offers one initial entry point for contact with the test facility partners. Once your inquiry has been received, Nordic Proof will assign projects to the relevant facility(ies) depending on the type of service(s) you are looking for. The testing will take place at the most suitable site, and further contract will be made directly between the two parties.

Nordic Proof provides structured access to leading Nordic health institutions and testing hubs in the Nordic countries committed to world class health services.

15. July 2021

This is how hospitals should help entrepreneurs with good ideas

«Finding the right door in the hospital system can be a great challenge for entrepreneurs who want to realize a ...

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