Development & Design Review

Nordic Proof can provide access to Key Opinion Leader (KOLs) who can provide valuable knowledge for some key elements during your development process. KOL’s can be recruited through Nordic Proof to become a formal partner of your review group. Example of for the Nordic Proof partner contribution in this phase:

Determine if user needs are fulfilled
Design and development reviews supported by KOLs to increase probability for successful product
Evaluate early prototypes

The KOL’s can represent a key resource for determining that the design- and development output meet the design and development input with a special focus to determine that user needs are fulfilled, proper use is defined and that the product is safe.

To have E-health software- and/or clinical hardware KOLs in your review team can be an important assett when you evaluate the ability of the results of design and development to meet the product requirements. The KOLs can also advice on necesarry actions to be taken during your product development.

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