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Katja Kiukas, RDI Specialist, MSc., MBA
South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences
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Active Life Lab accelerates the creation of effective health & wellbeing solutions for prevention of lifestyle-related diseases

The Active Life Lab promotes health and wellbeing, aids to create growing, affordable business, and increases the regional attractiveness and vitality through effective, data-based wellbeing services. It conducts top level research & development in the field, gathers systematically information on the effectiveness of the services, and implements the gained knowledge into practice with the partners and other stakeholders. Versatile RDI projects form the foundation of the activities. Furthermore, the RDI unit offers expert services in cooperation with the partners, and operates as a learning environment for students at the South-Eastern University of Applied Sciences, especially in the degree programs in Development of Data-based Wellbeing Services (Master) and Wellbeing Management (BBA).


The Active Life Lab is a research and development unit of the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Xamk), established in 2018, operating under the focus area of Sustainable Wellbeing and having multi-professional personnel. Our employees have strong experience in research & development projects, showing expertise in sports & health sciences, health economics, development of data-based wellbeing services, business administration, marketing, productization, physiotherapy, pedagogy, and entrepreneurship, to name but a few.


The Active Life Lab operates in the modern facilities of Saimaa Stadium in Mikkeli, Finland, on the Kalevankangas Wellbeing Campus, surrounded by authentic Finnish nature landscapes. The laboratory is equipped with cutting edge research-grade physiological and biomechanical equipment, as well as field testing capabilities for wellbeing & health measurements. Furthermore, the Active Life Lab provides a SW application for evaluating the effectiveness of services, based on a collection of scientifically validated and client-specific, customized indicators.


In its testbed activities, the Active Life Lab provides contracted RDI services like commissioned research projects focusing on feasibility, validation, and efficacy studies. Furthermore, the unit consults and coordinates the creation of regional, national, and international funding applications.


The Active Life Lab collaborates in lifestyle counselling with the wellbeing services county, Eloisa, and the City of Mikkeli, enabling easy access e.g., to hundreds of at-type-2-diabetes-risk clients, with consents to participate in research and development projects featured with cost-efficiency and quality. The RDI unit forms an interactive and future oriented platform for making positive impacts in health & wellbeing and business & employment in the regional, national, and international level. The Active Life Lab expands the Nordic Proof testbed offering towards preventive services. Simultaneously, the Active Life Lab has opportunities to disseminate the expertise and services of the entire testbed network to its regional partners.

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