Vestre Viken Hospital Trust

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Cathrine Thorsås Larsen,

Anne Bergland,

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Vestre Viken Hospital Trust is one of the largest hospital trusts in Norway and is composed of 4 hospitals in 4 different municipalities.

There are approximately 9500 employees, and the hospital trust provides specialist and local health care services for 500,000 people in 22 municipalities. We also offer a complete range of treatment services within the fields of mental health and substance abuse. These services are provided in close collaboration with the primary health care services of the municipalities in which Vestre Viken Hospital Trust is active.

Vestre Viken Hospital Trust would like to contribute to the development and testing of future health services in collaboration with industry.

Through Testbed, everything from small development projects to larger clinical trials may be carried out in specialized environments in the hospital. The size of the project and the need for resources will determine the price of implementation and how the project or trial is designed.

Implementation of research and clinical trials will be performed in close collaboration with the clinics in Vestre Viken. We collaborate with NorTrials and Inven2. They contribute to a more efficient infrastructure and increased collaboration on industry-funded clinical trials in Norway.

We are interested in studies in all kinds of therapeutic areas and have extensive experience in clinical trials within:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Neurology
  • Endocrinology

We are interested in innovation projects that are relevant to the specialist health service and Vestre Viken’s focus areas. We are at the forefront in Norway on remote patient monitoring, and the use of artificial intelligence in diagnostics imaging.

Our virtual hospital was established in 2022 and innovation and research related to this is of interest.

Services we offer

Perform early-phase studies and testing

Facilitate trials and documentation

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