CO-AX @Sahlgrenska Science Park

Sahlgrenska Science Park is an arena for the new world of life science. We aim to accelerate people’s access to new health innovations, catalyse interactions between entrepreneurs, industry, and health care, as well as drive health innovations to address challenges in society. In our Health Tech Accelerator – CO-AX, we put Start-up and Scaleup companies in a position to get lucky. We tailor our advisory to your needs, guide, challenge and expose you to unexpected opportunities and our extensive network of partners, testbeds, industries and investors locally and globally.

Contact info

Jessica Planefeldt
+46 707 73 82 67
[email protected]


Sahlgrenska Science Park
Medicinaregatan 8A , 413 90 Gothenburg, SE


For Nordic Proof we act as a node for engaging relevant testbeds, healthcare professions and industries in west Sweden, matching entrepreneurs and companies with possible partners for evaluation and testing. We are a leading healthtech accelerator in the Nordics and catalyses the implementation of tech for health in healthcare, society and various industries. Multi-professional experts provide tailored business and tech support to entrepreneurs and SMEs looking for scaling in the Nordics and internationally.

We offer:

  • One2one sessions
  • Network
  • Advisory services and Market intro
  • Advise on Integration and Interoperability
  • Expert panel workshops
  • Proof of concept/Proof of value

Services we offer

Perform early-phase studies and testing

Facilitate trials and documentation

Get connected to experts