Norwegian Smart Care Lab

Norwegian Smart Care Lab is a matchmaker between companies who require user knowledge and users who require better technological aids or municipal/ public actors who need a more sustainable service for their citizens in the future.

Contact info

Norwegian Smart Care Lab
Marit Hagland

+47 452 61 799
[email protected]

Visiting Address
Norwegian Smart Care Cluster
Prof. Olav Hanssensvei 7A
4021 Stavanger.

Postal Address
Norwegian Smart Care Cluster co/ Validé AS
Postboks 8034
4068 Stavanger.

We help you to test future smart healthcare solutions

Our model is to be a matchmaker and our methodology is to assure that user is involved when we are going to develop new services and products.

At Norwegian Smart Care Lab, we have methodology and service offerings for verification of products, prototypes and product ideas. We provide service packages to help products and services be developed and commercialized quicker. We ensure that the solutions are tested and adapted to the customers’ requirements while at the same time satisfying laws, standards and norms.



Services we offer

Perform early-phase studies and testing

Facilitate trials and documentation

Get connected to experts