Meet hospital test facilities one2one and learn about home hospitalization

Webinar and One2One virtual meetings. Hosted from Oslo, Norway

September 09, 2020

14:00 - 16:30

Unique online opportunity to meet hospital test facilities one2one Learn about Nordic hospital strategy for Home Hospitalization

Nordic Proof invites Nordic Health Tech companies to get recent updates from Oslo University Hospital and Helsinki University Hospital on “hospital at home” programs and strategy. Home hospitalization enable patients to receive hospital-level care and treatment in the comfort of their homes, avoid hospital-acquired infections and reduce costs compared to traditional hospital care. The ongoing pandemic has increased the awareness and accelerated the need for new innovative solutions for home hospitalization.

All partners of Nordic Proof will be available for one2one online meetings after the webinar.

We aim the event for companies having products or solutions in need of testing in an end-user setting. A special focus will be on innovations related to home hospitalization. However, any medtech or e-health company which need access to test facilities are much welcome to the webinar and to benefit from the one2one meeting opportunity with the Nordic Proof partners. We also urge companies already in contact with Nordic Proof to benefit from this one2one opportunity.


2:00 pm  Welcome and short intro to Nordic Proof and the program, Siri Stabel Olsen, Coordinator Nordic Proof

2:10 pm   Hospital at Home, Programs and Strategy, Karl Øyri, Section Manager, Oslo University Hospital, Pekka Kahri, Technology Officer, Helsinki University Hospital, Virpi Rauta, Development Manager and Nephrologist, Helsinki University Hospital

2:50 pm   Short presentation of Nordic Proof partners

3:00 pm   One2One meetings in separate online meeting rooms

4:30 pm   End program

You can stream the Webinar HERE

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