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Technical lab testing

Non-clinical functional testing

What it is

Testing in a lab environment creates the prerequisites for testing a product’s functionality to a simulated environment, thus avoiding operational risks for the consequences of errors encountered. For software testing, a test environment can be set up to simulate information exchange, interaction, and functionality with other software, regulatory tools or hardware.

Expected outcome

The general purpose with all testing, is to provide information on system quality and to verify that the requirements for the system are met and that customer expectations are validated. Each test project generates a documentation of test method, results, deviations and traceable recommendations.


To carry out a test project, a clear requirement picture, purpose, description of the regulations and laws that affect the application, description of the operating environment in which the application is to be used, description of the technical environment, etc., is required.

Prior to a test project, together with the customer, a thorough review of all conditions is made, resulting in a relevant test plan specific to the project.

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