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Data collection from users or experts/professions related to a specific topic. Survey might be web based or text based.

What it is

A survey can provide important information about the distribution of essential characteristics in a target group. Survey data can be collected from many sources such as public registers, questionnaires or structured interviews. Typically a survey creates generalizability based on a structured sample. However A survey can also be used to explore experiences, actions, preferences etc. in a small population e.g. a web based survey can be mailed to all employees in a ward about their expectations and wishes to a new it-system.

Expected outcome

A survey in a specific user group can provide information about barriers and drives in adapting a new solution. A survey can be used to target the product to a relevant segment, it can be used to prepare tailored information to users and to document the needs and expectations to a new solution.


The questionnaire used in a survey is structured and normally relatively short. A survey is not the right tool if you need explorative data – you must know in advance the topics you want to study, and how the target group is defined. Nordic Proof partners are experts in designing surveys and will help you in developing questionnaire and limit the topics included in the survey. Prior to contact you should consider the aim of the survey.

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