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Research collaboration

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What it is

Research collaboration spans from randomised clinical studies to qualitative explorative research and can be single centre or multicentre studies. Research can focus on testing the effect of a new technology and is often designed as a clinical randomised trial with clinical relevant outcomes. Research collaboration can also focus at exploring implementation of technology as e.g. a technology assessment which includes economic evaluation, risk assessments and qualitative research exploring user experience or user needs. Research results are published in scientific journals.

Expected outcome

Research provides sound data typically about the effect and use of a new technology. Published research documenting effect, exploring costs, and assessing risk etc. are crucial in launching a new product on the health technology market.


If the research involves patients / users the technology or device must be fully developed and it is expected that the solution has pasted feasibility tests successfully. Depending on the product the technology/device must be approved as a medical product and have CE marking. It is recommended that you prepare proposed research questions that can be discussed with Nordic Proof partners prior to contact.

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