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IT-testing (system)

Assessment of stand-alone software

What it is

System software testing means evaluating and questioning a system for the purpose of obtaining quality-related information. This is done by examining what is important for the system and in what context the system will work. The testing can be performed against predefined requirements or other sources of information. System testing may occur for mobile applications, web pages, software applications, healthcare information systems, etc. Nordic Proof´s partners offers software testing as a good tool for evaluating IT systems in procurement of standard systems, in different stages of development projects and in system management. Prior to a test project, together with the customer, a thorough review of all conditions is made, resulting in a relevant test strategy and test plan specific to the project.

Expected outcome

The general purpose of software testing is to provide information about system quality, including to verify that the requirements for the system are met and that customer expectations are validated.
The result of a test project will provide decision support for those affected by the quality of the system.


Access to the system to be tested is necessary. Desirable is also that there is a requirement list, purpose, description of the regulations and laws that affect the application, description of the operating environment in which the application is to be used and the description of the technical environment.

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