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Device Testing

Can include various stages of device development: early phase- feasibility- functional- regulatory.

What it is

The device testing service spans from consulting and expert opinion input to early phase, functional and regulatory testing. Nordic Proof partners provide a broad variety of test options depending on device categories including non-invasive devices, invasive medical devices and active medical devices. Radiological diagnostic and therapeutic devices are also included.
Specific IT testing of software will follow the same description as for “IT testing (system)”.

Expected outcome

Device test can help companies to generate the clinical evidence needed to support adoption and uptake and verify that the requirements for the system are met and that customer expectations are validated. Each test project generates a documentation of test method, approaches, results, deviations and traceable recommendations. Engaging with Nordic Proof at an early stage in your product development can provide real benefits, such as guidance on further development of the technology and early go/no go decisions.


You must be clear on your intended use, the stage of development you are in and what you want to achieve by doing the test.

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