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Nordic Medtest

Through independent testing and quality assurance, we are contributing to more useful and safer IT in health care.

Contact info

Nordic Medtest AB
Magnus Lindström
+46 72 551 57 34

We work for safer and more useful IT in healthcare. We do this by always taking into account the entire ecosystem for e-health and working in a life-cycle perspective. Test and quality assurance are central all the way from idea to settlement.

Our test services in brief

Interoperability: “We ensure that all systems in care, work together, as an ecosystem.”
Usability Test: “We ensure that care systems are easy-to-use, do what they should and make it easier for patients and staff in everyday life.”
Information Security Test: “We ensure that healthcare systems are safe and secure so we can trust that our personal data are in safe hands.”
Laws and regulations. “We aim to navigate through laws and regulations so that systems and personal data are handled securely and reliably.”

General description

Interoperability is the ability of different systems to work together and to be able to exchange information safely and with the quality agreed upon. At Nordic Medtest we work with both technical interoperability, technical communication, and semantic interoperability that involves the common interpretation of the information being exchanged.

Usability for us means both user-friendliness and function as well as performance. It is of great importance that the systems used in health care, for example, help to facilitate the everyday life of the healthcare staff and make it possible for the participant to participate in a clear and efficient manner. This is a big challenge with many involved players.

Solutions in eHealth should be developed with compliance with current regulations and laws’ requirements for security, privacy and integrity. The information shall be protected and made available through appropriate processes and quality assured and reliable technical solutions. Nordic Medtest focuses on patient-based information and personal integrity.

Nordic Medtest focuses on laws and regulations concerning personal data owners and its representatives. Our knowledge of laws and regulations is crucial for managing personal data safely and reliably.

Nordic Medtest can offer training and workshops around the test area based on customer needs and wishes. We are happy to share our test philosophy and our experience in the field of testing.




Nordic Medtest presenting e-health testing topics at Vitalis 2020.

Presentations are in Swedish


Services we offer

Perform early-phase studies and testing

Facilitate trials and documentation

Get connected to experts

Certifications and accreditations

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 27001